About Us

We are a diversified family farm that has had our roots in North East Iowa/ South East Minnesota since the 1850s. Through the generations our family has grown just about everything but back in March 2020 decided to experiment with vertical growing and the fungi kingdom. Today we are growing between 100 and 150 pounds of specialty mushrooms in a 8×20 storage container every single week. That’s between 5,200 to 7,800 pounds of food each year in a tiny space! We hope to continue to diversify our farm and expand past our mushroom business and organic crop farming by bringing back livestock to the farm in the near future. We will keep our business local and continue to service our little corner of the driftless! All our mushrooms are grown using organic substrates and we never use any chemicals. You can find our mushrooms in a grocery store near you.

Youngest Sibling Hattie Harvesting Mushrooms 

Tanner with Oswald the Mushroom dog in the Decorah News Paper