Lions Mane Mushrooms

Local Lions Mane grown on our farm click to discover its amazing health benefits.

Lions Mane Recipes

Lions mane is not only great for you, it is also a delicious mushroom prized by chefs. Our family’s favorite way to cook lions mane mushrooms is to first slice them into half inch slices and dry saute them on a medium heat in a pan with no oil for 10 minutes to cook some of the liquids out. After the lions mane has cooked some of its liquids out we add either olive oil or butter and seasonings of choice and the lions mane will absorb the liquids like a sponge. Cook them like this for an additional 5-10 minutes or until the mushrooms are golden brown. 

Lions mane has almost a mildly sweet taste but its flavor can only be described as it tastes like a lions mane mushroom as it is truly unique. Vegans and vegetarians prize it as a seafood or lobster substitute as it has a very meat like texture when cooked right. Below are a few additional lions mane recipes that are a bit more creative.                                                                                        Spicy lions mane crab cakes                                                                                                                   Lions Mane Lobster Roll                                                                                                                         Lions Mane Nuggets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Lions Mane Health Benefits

Lions mane is a prized medicinal mushroom. It has shown in studies to repair nerve damage in the myelin sheath through a process called neuro genesis. This has promise to help prevent and protect against alzheimer’s and to help treat and prevent minor cases of depression and anxiety.  It is also well known for its antioxidant properties and its overall immune system boosting properties. Below is a quick video of world renowned mycologist Paul Stamets explaining its benefits.